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About Ganbatte 365

What we are about

Created in the wake of the 3.11 disaster, Ganbatte 365 is a positive voice for action. We want to inspire people to take action that will help them find their purpose and align with their passion.

Wherever you are, there is always a way to take the next positive step.

Which step? To where?

It doesn’t always matter, so long as it’s a positive step.

You know what it is if you think about it.

And if you don’t, there is no better way to get clear on it than through action.

Action will transform you.
Action is the path to what you want to become.

Maybe it is to help someone else.
Maybe it is to help yourself.
Maybe it is to change your mind about something.
Maybe it is to tell others what you know, what you believe, what you want to do… So they can rally with you to get it done.

Step by step!

Action by action!

Getting it done… Together!

Give it your best!
Give it your all!
Everyday… each of the 365 days of the year!

Ganbatte 365

What we’ve done

In the first year after 3.11 we made over 200 videos many of which were shown on digital signs and billboards around the world in Tokyo, Hong Kong, Vancouver and New York’s Times Square. We wanted to show the world how people were responding with positive action to support the recovery of Tohoku.

After that we continued to make videos, working closely with specific projects and NPOs to help them achieve their goals such as increasing awareness of their activities, explaining their project to assist in fundraising, or increasing participation at events.

We also started to participate in projects or run our own projects. Some of the projects that Ganbatte 365 has been actively involved in or has led include:

  • Nori Festival in Shiogama
  • Tomosu Run in Iwate
  • Tohoku Student Intern Projects
  • Technokids in Tohoku
  • Ganbatte TV

About Ganbatte 365

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